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Rod U’ren ~ FCCV ~ Groups: All Breeds Tutor

Judges Details

  • Panel: 1978/1983/1990
  • Address: C/O Post Office ,
    Seville 3139
  • Phone: (03) 59648325
  • Mob:
  • Email:Email


Introduction to Cats: Obtaining my first pedigreed cat in 1963, I have been involved in the world of feline for over forty years; being since 1967 a member of the Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc, Victoria's main registration body and one of the two largest in Australia

 As a breeder: My Firnbank prefix was originally for white Persian breeding. Since then, I have acquired an interest in the Lavendel (solid colour), Sublime (Himalayans) and Preview prefixes. My chief love, many Persians from these prefixes are shown successfully for top honours not only in Australasia, but increasingly in other parts of the world, including the UK. Exotic Shorthairs, Scottish Folds and most recently Singapuras have been bred most successfully in partnership with my wife Cheryle and Denis Turner in Sydney.

Clubs, Council and Committees: Apart from giving me the stimulus to write fairly frequently, my interest in colour, genetics and the health of cats lead me to be immediate Past Chairman of the Breed Sub–committee, which by the end of 2003 played a large role in completing revised standards for the national Cat Co–ordinating Council of Australia; a six–year process. I also conducted a stewards training course during my period of service and am the current Group 1 Tutor Judge ( the Longhair section). After many years of service on the Committee of the FCCV, I resigned at the end of 2003.

Judging:  I began judging in 1978 and became an All Breeds judge in 1990, officiating widely throughout Australia and New Zealand and most recently in other overseas locations. I especially enjoy talk–style shows, believing they should be a happy, interactive and learning experience for everyone, trying to create a judging ring which reflects this. I hope the wider perspective I have developed on cats of all breeds has prepared me well for this.