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Cheryle U’ren ~ FCCV ~ Groups: All Breeds Tutor

Judges Details

  • Panel: 1965/1974/1978
  • Address: C/O Post Office ,
    Seville 3139
  • Phone: 0400 700 615
  • Mob:
  • Email:Email


I have been a member of the Feline Control Council of Victoria since it's inception in 1962. I was first licensed to judge in 1965 and qualified as an All breeds judge in 1979. Over the past 50 years I have gained broad experience with judging invitations throughout Australia and New Zealand plus Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Europe, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, United Kingdom. Taiwan and many provinces throughout China thus gaining valuable knowledge into international variations of standards. I am an FCCV and CCCA National Tutor and Examining All Breeds judge and am involved in lecturing and conducting of Judges Seminars for both organisations. Over the years I have shown my preference for breeding and showing top quality Persians with great success in Solid, Himalayan and Marked colours. I am a foundation member and Life Member of both the FCCV and the Pedigreed Persian Cat Club of Victoria. I have served as President of the FCCV plus holding positions on many sub–committees relating to judging, breeding, showing and standards matters. I have also been a regular FCCV delegate at our national Coordinating Cat Council of Australia's meetings since the FCCV became a member. I am privileged to be serving at this time as President & LO of CCCA. I believe strongly in the principle of such a group and am proud of the unity that exists within from all the Member Bodies. I am honoured also to be currently serving as the Vice President of the World Cat Congress. It is a great privilege to represent the CCCA as this level and exchange ideas with such knowledgeable and enthusiastic delegates from the major international Feline organisations.