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Anne Stickland ~ FCCV ~ Groups: 2, 3

Judges Details

  • Panel: 1982/1991
  • Address: 30 Hilton Street ,
    Beaumaris 3193
  • Phone: (03) 9589 5749
  • Mob:
  • Email:Email


I have loved cats from a very early age and as a child and teenager had several beautiful domestic cats. My first pedigreed cat was a Seal Point Siamese – Sentao Auralia(Kim) given to me by my husband in 1968. Kim lived to 14 years of age and was very much loved by all the family. After moving to Mt Gambier in 1969 I commenced breeding Seal Point Siamese under the prefix Glendanne in partnership with Glenda and Ron French, with two of Mrs Jeanne Monk's Stilmeadow cats, Geena and Tavish. In 1973 I chose my own prefix Xanthorhea and commenced breeding Foriegn White Shorthairs experimentally, until the arrival of the second generation of this breed, which was deemed suitable to be placed on full register by the Governing Council of South Australia, after judging by three senior judges. I still retain this prefix today, and hope in the next 12 months to register my first litter of Ocicats under the Xanthorhea name. My present cats are Xanthorhea White Charlotte(13 years of age)(FWSH), Cornfield Paddington(3 years of age)(Brown Spotted British Shorthair) and Ocispots Oselo (15 months of age)(Ocicat). I was foundation President of the Mount Gambier Cat Club, and hold life membership of this club. I am currently a member and Treasurer of Mornington Peninsula Cat Club and a member Past Treasurer of the FCCV Judges Association. I have held a licence to judge Group 2 since 1982 and Groups 3 & 4 since 1991.