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Maureen Norberry ~ NSWCFA ~ Groups: All Breeds (Tutor)

Judges Details

  • Panel: 2007/1996/1998
  • Address: 10 Brewster St ,
    Mittagong 2575
  • Phone: 0418 329 209
  • Mob: 0418 329 209
  • Email:Email


I became involved with cats and the Cat Fancy about 25 years ago with the gift of a seal point Siamese kitten who became the mother of my first show kitten – a blue point Siamese. Since that first show I have been actively involved with the Cat Fancy as an exhibitor, breeder (chiefly Orientals and Siamese but also, fairly briefly, Devon Rex) and worker – being regularly involved in the running of shows and assisting on the executive of a number of Clubs and am a Life Member of the St George District Cat Club and the Oriental Cat Club of NSW. For the last 8 years I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with the wonderful Norwegian Forrest cat, in addition to an Oriental.

I am currently Senior Vice President of NSW CFA, chair of the Judges/breeds and education/compliance subcommittees and an active member of the Management Committee and recently finished co–ordinating a Shorthair Judges Training Course. I am also a member of the breed committee of the Co–ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA). I commenced judging with Group 2 (1996), followed by Group 3 (1998) and in 2005 I completed my Group 1 training and became a fully licensed All breeds judge in January 2007. I have enjoyed immensely judging in the ACT and all states of Australiq and regularly in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Away from the Cat Fancy I am a solicitor practising from the small regional town of Mittagong. In my rare moments of spare time I enjoy sourcing art deco and retro furniture, gardening, bushwalking and reading.