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Debbie Cameron ~ NSWCFA ~ Groups: 1 (Tutor), 2, 3

Judges Details

  • Panel: 2007/2013/2010
  • Address: 8 Spence Pl ,
    St Helens Park 2560
  • Phone: 02 4621 2552
  • Mob:
  • Email:Email


I have been involved in the cat fancy for over 30 years being introduced to the cat fancy by my mother. I bred and showed Persians including silvers, pointed varieties and bi colours and of course like many others, devoted time working at cat shows. My house has the bounce of the shorthair Singapura and the beauty of the Persian; I have held a number of executive positions within the cat fancy and previously, served on the NSW CFA Management Committee. I am an All Breeds Judge and a Group 1 Tutor Judge. In my spare time I work full time in local government managing a large team of community workers and enjoy the company of my daughter, my cats and dog, Eddie.