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Maureen Camarsh ~ NSWCFA ~ Groups: All Breeds (Tutor)

Judges Details

  • Panel: 1990/1998/1998
  • Address: 10 Palmer Road ,
    Woolgoolga 2456
  • Phone: (02) 6654 2000
  • Mob:
  • Email:Email


I joined the Cat Fancy with my husband in 1976 with the purchase of a Red Point Siamese kitten. After successfully showing and breeding Red Points for some time, we ventured into all other colours and patterns of Siamese, still with emphasis on Red, Tortie and Tabby Points with the addition of Foreign Whites and Orientals. We then bred and showed Balinese with some measure of acceptance and success. I currently breed Foreign Whites and Siamese with the addition of the Longhaired Foreign White. I have bred and owned many Best in Show winners and Cats of the Year in this group. I have also bred and shown with great success Abyssinians, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex and Burmese – these also featuring in many Cat of the Year Awards .Although I no longer breed Cornish Rex I still own and show with some measure of success three Cornish Rexes a Male, Neuter and Spay. I have bred under the Fretomau prefix for over 30 years. I also owned a black Persian and successfully bred from her. I am a Life Member and Secretary of the Federal Cat Club of Australasia Inc, a Life Member of The All Breeds Desexed Cat Club of Australasia and presently President of Kempsey Kat Klub and actively involved in other country Clubs, having moved to Woolgoolga on the NSW North Coast. I am an international all breeds judge having completed my shorthair licences in 1988 and Group 1 in 1998. Since then I have judged extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand and am an All Breeds Tutor Judge. I am at present a serving member of the NSWCFA Management Committee and a Life Member of the NSW Cat Fanciers Association.