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Allan Davies ~ CQI ~ Groups: All Breeds (Tutor)

Judges Details

  • Panel: 1999, 2004, 2006
  • Address: 5/46A MacKenzie St ,
    Toowoomba 4816
  • Phone: 07 4659 5877
  • Mob: 0429 938 135
  • Email:Email


I bred my first purebred kittens when I was 16. In partnership with my wife Gail, I have bred many different breeds. These include Siamese, Persians, Exotic Shorthair, Scottish Folds, Bengals, Devon Rex, British Shorthair and Burmese. We are currently owned by Hal, an American Bombay, Ben a Bengal and Miss and lovely Devon. I have held many positions in various clubs and associations within the cat fancy over the years. I am currently President of Cats Queensland Inc. I became an All Breeds judge in 2006 and have judged throughout Australia, New Zealand and many Asian countries.