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Amie Hobbs ~ FASA ~ Groups: Group 2

Judges Details

  • Panel:
  • Address: 12 Bracken Ave ,
    Andrews Farm 5114
  • Phone: 0493557976
  • Mob: 0493 557 976
  • Email:Email


My involvement in the Cat Fancy started in 2014 with my first 2 show cats – 2 seal point Siamese litter mates. I quickly became enamoured with the cat showing culture. Since then I have clerked, steawarded, ran shows and have been involved in local clubs and state bodies. I started breeding in 2018 with my first queen, Mabel, a lilac point Siamese. I currently breed Siamese under my " Lookatmese" prefix and Siamese and Orientals under my "  Folklore" prefix. Outside of the Cat Fancy I enjoy reading,writing, crafting and hiking