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Sue Fitzgerald ~ FCCV ~ Groups: 1

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  • Address: PO Box 259, ,
    Wallan 3756
  • Phone: 0407 841831
  • Mob: 0407 841831
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I entered the Cat Fancy in 1975, with the purchase of a lovely Chinchilla Persian.  After a few shows I was hooked and therefore was the beginning of my breeding career.  After breeding Silver Persians for over 30 years, I decided a new direction was in the future and my attention turned to breeding solid and tortoiseshell Persians, which I bred very successfully over the past 10 years.  I now enter my 44th year in the Cat Fancy having completed the Group 1 Judges Course.

I am a Life Member and past Secretary of Pedigreed Persian Cat Club and also a Life Member, past President and Committee member of the Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc.  I still enjoy showing and continue my involvement as Show Manager/Returning Officer for the FCCV Committee run shows.

In my personal life I had worked in the legal profession for 30 years as a Legal Secretary until enjoying a short retirement of 8 years, now working as a partner in our Motor Vehicle Repair business, attending to office work and payroll.

I am looking forward to judging all your beautiful cats and kittens as a new phase of my life in the Cat Fancy continues.