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Lisa McNeil ~ FASA ~ Groups: 2, 3 (Group 2 Tutor)

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  • Address: 8 Willow Drive ,
    Kapunda 5373
  • Phone: 0414479623
  • Mob: 0414479623
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I grew up with Siamese, Burmese & companion cats from a very young age and was introduced to cat showing when my Mother took me to cat shows, when we began showing our Lilac Tabby Pt Siamese who was our treasured and much loved pet.

In 1996 I then returned to cat showing with a Brown Burmese neuter and later a Seal Pt Siamese neuter.

In 2000 I started breeding under the ‘Syana' prefix and have successfully bred and shown many Siamese & Orientals in all colours and patterns.

My special interests have been cinnamon, silver and tabby patterns particularly classic and about 7 years ago I added bi–colours to the mix after importing a Black Tabby Bi–colour carrying cinnamon from Finland, in order to try to broaden the cinnamon lines here in Australia.

In 2009 I completed a steward's course and in the last few years have gained my group 2 license and most recently in late 2019 I have completed my group 3 license in FASA.

Over the years I have been active in several cat clubs, most recently the Siamese Cat Club of SA in which I have helped run shows and assisted in other ways.

I am very proud to be a member of FASA and CCCA and I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in the cat fancy and hope I get to meet more like minded passionate cat exhibitors in the future.