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Pamela Lanigan ~ CUWA ~ Groups: Allbreeds

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  • Panel:
  • Address: Byford, WA ,
    Perth 6122
  • Phone: 0419 940 025
  • Mob: 0419 940 025
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I first joined the cat fancy with my first British Shorthair, Poppy, in 2004.  Since then I have bred, shown and loved many more of this special breed under the Cuddleton prefix.  Right from the beginning I have loved colours and have long bred chocolate and lilac alongside my blues and blacks in solid and bicolor.  The temptation to have even more shades to work with led me to importing the first cinnamon and fawn British Shorthairs in Australia.  I have since imported cats from the Czech Republic and Germany. My cats have made me very proud at shows both here and overseas but most of all I love hearing that they make their owners happy.  Breeding friendly and healthy kittens that will grow into much loved pets is very important to me.   I have enjoyed show stewarding for almost as long as I have shown cats and this was a great foundation for becoming a judge. Now I have added Group 1 long hairs I am excited to be able to judge all the amazing breeds. I have been also active in many cat clubs including the British Shorthair Cat Club and with Cats United WA.   I love to travel to shows with cats and without.  It is so wonderful to see different breeds and meet new people plus see friends I have met along the way.A highlight for me has to be the invitation  at the GCCF UK Supreme in  2023. I believe I was the first Australian to judge at the show and I had a  British Shorthair section plus a group final to judge. What an amazing honour!

I hope to meet you all at a show sometime.