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Nikki James ~ NSWCFA ~ Groups: 2, 3 (Tutor)

Judges Details

  • Panel: 2017, 2017
  • Address: 54 Crescent Road ,
    Newport 2106
  • Phone: 0490 690 332
  • Mob: 0490 690 332
  • Email:Email


I come from a family of cat lovers and therefore have always had a cat to curl up on my lap since childhood. I developed a love for the elegant and talkative Siamese as a teenager, and when I was 15 acquired my first red point male, Conan, in 1990. I showed him as a member of the RAS cat control for 2 years and he sired a few litters with my mothers seal point female under her prefix, “Eronel”. I returned to the cat fancy in 2005, showing a beautiful blue point female as a member of the NSW Cat Fanciers Association. I started my breeding journey with her in late 2005 when she had a wonderful litter of 6 kittens from an Oriental stud under my prefix, “Zoel”. I still have a neuter boy, Zeus, from that first litter who enjoyed many years on the show bench. My late mother also enjoyed participating in the cat fancy as a member of NSW Cat Fanciers Association and accompanied me to most shows, initially showing a black Oriental neuter, Romeo; he was born in my first litter, and later exhibiting some other beautiful show neuters she spoilt over the years. I am proud to have achieved many top 5 cat of the year awards and have had the honour of achieving a Supreme Exhibit award. I continue to breed Siamese and Orientals and remain active in the cat fancy as an exhibitor and worker. I qualified a (Stay Application) steward in 2007. I have a small cattery and breed my kittens for health, temperament and show quality. Currently my cat family consists of 5 felines. I have been a member of the Oriental Cat Club of NSW for many years, assisting as show manager and serving as club treasurer, a position I still hold. I attained my Probationary shorthair judge's license in 2015. I consider myself privileged to admire, handle and judge the show exhibits and have developed an appreciation for the diversity of exhibits in Group 3. In my normal life I am a mother to 5 children, with 3 boys still living at home and ranging from 17 to 5 years who keep me busy and our cats entertained. I am halfway through studying for a bachelor degree in Midwifery at UTS. Living and growing up on the Northern Beaches I usually spend most of summer as a beach bum, reading a good book, when not attending cat shows.