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Karen Moore ~ FASA ~ Groups: 2 Tutor 3 Tutor

Judges Details

  • Panel: 1988
  • Address: 28 McKay Avenue ,
    Christies Beach 2167
  • Phone: 08 8186 5057
  • Mob:
  • Email:Email


I have been breeding and showing cats for the past 26 years under the prefix "Euphoria". Commencing with Burmese, which is still my main breed today, I have also had extensive experience in breeding Siamese, Orientals and Foreign White cats, winning 8 NSW Cat of The Year Awards with these breeds. Devon Rex are still part of my household and breeding program. I have imported both Burmese and Devon Rex from the UK to supplement the Australian bloodlines. I am an International All Shorthair Judge and I am also a qualified Tutor Judge in all Shorthair Breeds. I am a Life Member of the Oriental Cat Club of NSW, member of the Bengal Cat Club, Siamese & Shorthair Cat Club and The St George Cat Club and I am a Patron of the Alpine Shorthair Cat Club of New Zealand. I hold a degree in Psychology from the University of New South Wales and work as the Marketing Communications Manager for a Federal Government organisation.